Inlet Fencing & General Contracting FAQs 

  • Does Inlet Fencing install fences in the winter months?

    Yes! Don't let the cold weather fool you, Inlet Fencing isn't scared of Old Man Winter and continues to schedule and install fences throughout the winter months.
  • Can Inlet Fencing install a fence for my pool?

    Yes! Inlet Fencing offers a wide variety of fencing solutions that are BOCA pool code approved including vinyl, wood, chain link and aluminum fencing. Inlet Fencing will ensure your fence and gates are safe, secure and meet pool safety guidelines.
  • Can Inlet Fencing help me determine the layout and fence material that will be best for my project?

    Yes! Inlet Fencing is a highly qualified fence contractor that will help you to determine different fence layouts and fence materials that will best work for your project and budget, especially if you are looking for affordable fencing solutions.
  • How long will my fence installation take?

    It all depends on the size of the job, but typically a fence installation will take anywhere from 1 to 3 days for a standard size backyard. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when installing a fence. For example, the soil condition and if there are trees in the path of the proposed fence.
  • Does Inlet Fencing offer free estimates?

    Yes, Inlet Fencing offers free, no-risk, no-obligation estimates!
  • Who submits the utility locate notice to SC-811 DIG in order to locate the utility lines before installing the fence?

    Inlet Fencing will handle all communication with SC-811 DIG. Always call before you dig and Inlet Fencing is doing the digging so we are more than happy to take care of this communication. Inlet Fencing has you and your utilities covered!
  • If I live in a community with a Home Owner's Association (HOA), will Inlet Fencing assist with the approval process?

    Yes! Inlet Fencing will handle the initial communication, written application process, and all paperwork regarding the proposed fence installation for no additional charge.
  • Will my fence require a permit?

    Your fence installation may require a permit depending on the county and municipality your property is located in. Inlet Fencing will happily take care of the permitting process and paperwork.